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If a consumer has tires that are worn,

under-inflated, or not suited to their driving environment, they put themselves, their vehicle, and others at risk.

Do you know how to make an informed decision?

For some, the choice comes down to price and availability, while others buy tires based on appearance or reputation.

Our trained staff associates are “tire-people”. They will recommend your tire purchase based on which tire is the best value for your situation while taking into consideration:

  • Type of vehicle

  • Age of vehicle

  • Miles driven per year

  • Type of service / Road surface conditions

  • Price / Cost per mile driven

  • Customer’s expectations

  • Customer’s budget

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Maxxis Brand Tires

Total customer satisfaction has been Maxxis’ guiding purpose since 1967. Working toward this goal has built Maxxis into the successful, worldwide company it is today. Champions around the world choose Maxxis because they know that our extensive product research, unique designs and rigorous testing standards produce tires that will elevate riders to the next level.

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